Since 1994 we design and produce printers ables to print on any media.

We are a company with more than 20 years of experience, which makes innovation and research its daily know-how.

We stand out for the ability to customize our products based on customer needs, and these characteristics have identified us until today. As a result of the strong growth and experience gained in recent years, we have decided to develop more and more unique machines with ever higher performance.

The most important Smartcolor projects are hybrid technology and flatbed technology, but soon there will be great news.

Our machines are developed and produced in Italy, with the help of the most advanced technologies. The great secrets that distinguish us are the experience in various fields of printing and the complete control of the production process, this allows us to offer technologically advanced products that anticipate the needs of the market.
Our departments work in close contact, guaranteeing a fluidity in the processes and lowering the error threshold both in production and in the use phase of the machine. We have created a global network of distributors and technicians, selected to meet the highest standards of competence in their respective sectors.

to overcome traditional plotters limitations.

A technology developed to go beyond the potentialities of normal flatbed printing systems on the market.

Smartcolor is the result of a research that allowed us to use the best roll to roll technology plotters, designed for industrial printing, in order to overcome the technical limits and accessibility and adapt them to our project: to print on supports up to 25 cm thickness and beyond. Many products are now completely customizable, from panels to objects of small or large size, from furnishing accessories to fabrics, to food products.

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