The new Smartcolor JV 300/160 series guarantees high performances, creativity and versatility in brilliant color images printing.
The optimal solution for who is looking for a highly professional product at an affordable price.

High printing speed up to 105.9 sqm/hr draft quality

High resolution up to 1440 dpi

Printing size 1610 x infinity

Several inks configurations

Nozzle control unit (NCU) and nozzle recovery system (NRS) for uninterrupted production

Print without interruption
and versatile inks

The ISS * system (Ink Supply System) allows continuous feeding of printing ink. When a cartridge is finished the system starts automatically to use another cartridge while continuing to refill the print head with new ink. The cartridges can be replaced without stopping the machine and gaining valuable time. This system has numerous potentialities: it is possible to program the SmartHybrid JV 300/160 to print without interruptions during work breaks or even overnight. The SmartHybrid JV 300/160 can be provided with a double CMYK or a configuration with opaque white, Light cyan and Light magenta. The SmartHybrid JV 300/160 is particularly suitable with Smartcolor UltraGrip + inks, ideal for outdoor applications thanks to their ability to firmly attach themselves to the substrate and dry quickly. The applications produced will be extremely resistant to weathering and scratching: Smartcolor offers maximum coverage and shine as well as a perfect seal from 3 up to 5 years!
The ISS system can only be used with CMYK mode.

Print objects up to
25cm thickness

Our SmartHybrid plotters can print objects up to 25cm thickness. Thanks to a revolutionary extremely robust but lightweight printing surface, the SmartHybrid series does not limit creativity, especially in industrial inkjet printing. Thanks to the ability to load any kind of rigid or flexible material, SmartHybrid becomes the indispensable solution for any company that wants to range from prototype to mass production or customizing each application to 100%.

Print objects up to
25cm thickness

Innovation is the basis of the daily activity of the Smartcolor staff, which experiments on new materials the perfect combination of SmartHybrid plotters with the latest generation of ecological, odorless inks, specially formulated for the various print media: forex, dibond, Plexiglas, glass, leather, wood, ceramic, polyurethane and drywall, but also iron, aluminum, copper, brass and silver, natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, synthetic fabrics, and many more. The Smartcolor staff studies and realizes the best printing solution in terms of materials, time and costs, in a real creative laboratory where materials and objects can be transformed into a thousand different ways and return to the market with an invaluable added value: uniqueness.

Principali caratteristiche
tecniche di stampa

Two print heads

The two staggered print heads are designed to guarantee high print quality even at the highest speeds.

Productivity maintenance

The NRS system replaces the defective nozzles with working ones until the technician arrives for maintenance. This feature enables uninterrupted printing and continuous productivity.

* 1 NRS: Nozzle Recovery System, Nozzle Reset System * 2 It is possible to exclude 10 nozzles per nozzles row.

MAPS 3 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System3)

MAPS3 through the inkjet between the pitches reduces the banding effect, uneven drying and bidirectional printing lines.

Prevention of print quality problems - NCU*

The JV 300 is equipped with the original Mimaki automatic NCU system. The clogged nozzles are automatically detected and cleaned by the NCU system. If the problem is not solved by cleaning, the JV 300 automatically activates the NRS nozzle reset function and printing is resumed. These features significantly reduce print waste caused by clogged nozzles during a continuous print run.

Bigger drops for high speed processes

It offers high density prints placing larger drops that avoid spaces between the drops.

High printing speed with the 4 and 8 color configuration

The JV 300 series sets a new global standard in terms of speed and quality.

Type of printing: ink-jet double head 16 channels 8 colors

Resolution: 540, 720, 1440 dpi max

Drop: variable, minimum 4 pl

Speed:Max105.9 sqm/h draft quality

Maximum print size:Max 1610 x infinity

Printing height: Max 250 mm

Material height management:Laser sensor

Type of inks:Ultra Grip®, Ultra Latex®, UltraTex®, Ultra UvLed®


Interface: USB 2.0

Software: SmartRip®

Accessories: antistatic bar

Power supply: Industrial power supply 380 volt: Power supply socket 400V, 4p + t, 16A. The line must be protected by a 16A differential magnetothermic switch with a sensitivity of 0.3 ... 40A 4 pol

Energy saving: Automatic Sleep Mode

Operating system: Windows® 8 / 8.1 (32/64-bit) - Windows® 7 Professional or Ultimate (32/64-bit)

CPU:Intel® Core ™ i5 or superior

RAM:4 GB minimum

Video resolution:1280 x 1024 resolution or higher

Free space on Hard Disk:250 GB or greater

Hard-disk file system:NTFS Format

Drive: DVD-ROM drive

The applications work at 32-bit but maintain the usual efficiency even on Windows® 64-bit system.
Smartcolor machines include a feature-rich RIP software and solutions to automate workflow and simplify production steps. To save time and money, the Media Preset feature allows you to save up to 8 print and material settings, which you can reuse in the future for works that have the same characteristics.

Separate control tower containing electronics and touch control panel.

sensore riconoscimento

Automatic height recognition sensor, for printing shaped and irregular materials and objects of different sizes.


Perimeter security sensor placed along the base of the machine to protect the operator during printing.


The light indicator, useful for easily monitoring remote production, indicates when the set-up is complete, printing is in progress or is completed.

The SmartFlat 300/160 series is available in formats: H150

Dimensions H150: 1610mm x infinity